Breaking Out

I know how it feels to be cooling my heels, I've been down on them long enough. But if I take to them now then maybe somehow, you'll see through the bluff, I'm not playing it ought. I've been a lifetime on deposit and that's a long time in the closet, and if you say to me, "How was it?" It was hard taking that heart-breaking god-forsaken route, but I'm (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba) breaking out."
- Oscar Drill and the Bits

It Is Done

So as of midnight tonight, my lease is up on my Hollywood apartment. I no longer rent two homes, and I am no longer tied to anything in Los Angeles.
In the short 3 weeks that I have been in San Diego, I have come to see that this was, indeed, a very good thing.
Sure, I said the same thing about coming back from Boracay to Hollywood, but that was akin to Romeo's mad love upon seeing Juliet, a girl he knew nothing of. I knew nothing of what life would be like in Hollywood. And it wasn't me. Read More...

Week One Done

I have completed one week at my new job. My first high school job. It was a tough start, but definitely a good move for me.
Though I spent a few days with the outgoing teacher getting ready, I wasn't prepared for the first moment when that first bell rang on Tuesday. The school had scheduled a lock-down drill. I hadn't even introduced myself to the class of 32 students when the lockdown began. Here I am, someone they don't know, someone they have no respect for yet, trying to get them to focus and be quiet for a 40-minute lockdown drill where the local police came around testing every door, looking at every room, and giving on-the-scene advice about door barricades, lights, sound, etc. It was a good learning experience, but it was a horrible way to start my first day.
It got better as the day, and week, continued. Read More...


So much newness going on.
I've met new people, I've had a date, I've finished my first day at the new job.
Where should I start?
So my first night down here, I met up with Jeff for deli sandwiches and chatter. This past weekend I dragged him and his boyfriend out to Balboa Park to wander around taking photos. We must have walked around for an hour or more on a beautifully sunny San Diego Saturday. Then we had Chinese food in Hillcrest and enjoyed a bit of lunch together. It was nice being out and meeting new people. They invited me to a bear party that evening, but for some reason I didn't go. I'm not very good at parties unless I have an anchor friend to hang with - maybe that was it. Read More...

Moved In

Pasted Graphic
Well, February 3 began with me living in Hollywood, and ended with me living in San Diego.
I am not a Sandy Eggan. In training.
I'm really pleased with Day One: the movers were great, they did everything and sipped coffee and watched as the two Russian men loaded all my belongings into the giant truck that I didn't have to drive; the freeway was bare so that I got down to SD in just a bit over two hours, and had time for lunch and a little nap before the movers arrived to unload all my belongings into the new apartment; the apartment is huge, not just because it has two bedrooms, but the rooms are each huge; the water is clean and pure, no more yellowy tapwater from the apartment pipes; the water pressure is amazing, and hot!
So much good about the move.