just got email confirmation of the lease on my new San Diego apartment.
So between January 18 and January 30, I've gone from not having any solid plans to quit my job and move out of LA to having a secured job and a new apartment in San Diego.
I'm fucking powerful.

My Goldilocks Adventure

Do you ever feel like you know exactly what you're doing and at the same time you have no fucking clue what you're doing? That's me. Now. Right now.
I got back a bit ago from a very quick San Diego road trip. I left this morning with a plan. Sort of.
I had scoped out 20 apartments using CraigsList, Rent.com and something called HotPad, which is not as sexy as it sounds.
I mapped them all so I could make a circle round the park and see each and every one of them.
Except… what was I thinking?

Quittin' Time

Today at 4:15 was the most nervous I've been in ages. I'd been leading up to it all day, but 4:15 was the moment when I was ready - I went downstairs to the administration office and asked to speak to the principal. She was busy rehearsing the opening number of the spring musical.
I went into the rehearsal room and asked if she would have any time available between now and 4:30.
She said she did not; she would be choreographing this number until after 5:30. She asked if it was urgent. Read More...

Everything Changes

I've just come back from two days in San Diego chasing what I hope will be a good dream.
I have always loved San Diego - all those night trips to the Loading Zone leather bar in the borrowed white VW Cabriolet, blue and white striped luggage in the trunk for a quick change of clothes after all-night drinking binges. I have enjoyed sleeping on the beach in front of the Hotel Del Coronado when we were too drunk to drive home after said nights. I have so many memories of SD in my 20's… and then it just stopped being a real place.
All of that is to say that I am now moving to San Diego. Read More...

A Flicker in the Dark

Two weeks of the new year are over. The holidays are now fading back into the fog.
In those two weeks, I've had two social outings - both with Roger. Nobody else seems to remember that I'm still here. Which is fine. It's giving me motivation to find work elsewhere and to, once again, move on and start over.
I have had quite a lot of interest in my resume; quite a few schools all over California and Asia have set up interviews. I was feeling really good about the fact that my resume and reputation are so positive and popular. Read More...

At the Start

120910 - 22
Here we are, one week into 2016. I thought I'd check in and start using my blog for personal therapy. I haven't got anyone else to talk to, so like an 11-year-old girl talking to her diary, I'm here to talk to you.
What's good?
Over winter break, I filled out dozens of job applications for teaching positions both here in California and overseas with recruiting agencies.
This week, I've had 4 interview offers.