Running Up That Hill

Who knew that just trying one thing different - going solo to a show - could start so much change?
Yes, I dove in and went to a play by myself. And yes, I was asked to step in for a missing photographer. And they liked my work.
And I enjoyed the show.
And then that Friday night I went out with the Gay Happy Hour group and had a great time in a new bar. And then Saturday I went out to a bar that is walking distance from my apartment - WALKING. DISTANCE. - and hung out with the San Diego Bears for a social hour night. And then… Read More...

Janet! Brad! Rocky! Me... Alone.

In an effort to prove to myself that I am different, than I am evolving, I did something last night that I don't think I've done before: I went to the theater alone.
Yes, I've done it when I was out of town on business. When I was traveling alone in New York, of course I went to see a show or two on my own. It's fucking Broadway!
But I've not done it in my "home town." I've used Craigslist to find last-minute dates, I've sold pairs of tickets when I couldn't find anyone to go with, I've even just skipped shows when someone backs out or when I didn't plan ahead - just thrown away that money for fear of looking weird sitting in a show alone.
But this is the new me.

Natural Masculinity

I see it all the time online: "Masc 4 masc only" but I never pay much attention to it. If you're sucking dick, you can be masculine, effeminate, bearish, bullish, I don't care. I find masculine hairy men attractive sometimes; I find smooth slender, slightly feminine men attractive sometimes. There's a whole package to connect with, right? Read More...