I'm fighting the nap that wants to take hold of me right now.
I'll try to make this quick, so I don't ramble incoherently as I succumb to the soft bed that is calling to me…
I've just come back from a 2 1/2 hour spa day and I am feeling great!
I've been back here in the US for just over 2 full years and I haven't had a single massage in all that time. While I was in Boracay I would get one a week, every week, like clockwork.
I even remember working out the math when I first got back to LA to prove that the cost of a massage in Boracay as a percentage of my total take-home income is the same as the cost of a massage in LA as a percentage of the higher take-home pay. Read More...

Making Progress

It's been two months since I took that death-defying fall down the cliff at Black's Beach.
Two months… and I still have a limp.
The ankle hasn't quite healed up and I can't flex my right foot; I have pain when I go down stairs too fast and I have trouble putting on shoes because I can't rest my right ankle on my left knee to slide my foot in.
And that's only half the problem.

Getting the Shot

160715-Nude Avi-031-Edit
I feel like I have no story for a while, then I have an overwhelming amount to say.
Here is the story for today.
I have been doing a photography challenge for a while now, since January 1, but since I'm off work during the summer, I've kicked my efforts into high gear.
This means setting a challenge for myself that has surprised even me. It also means doing things to get the shot that I want that I know I probably should do.
That's this story.
The story of how I almost died gong to Black's Beach.
But I got the shot!