Colombia 2019

s been a minute since I wrote anything on this blog. But today I'm motivated because I really don't want to forget the lessons that my trip to Colombia taught me.
First, sexy is in the eye of the beholder. Though I'm not exactly in high demand here in San Diego, as an American Daddy Bear, I was crazy popular in both Bogota and Cartagena. I have to remember that. Whenever I get to feeling a bit down or start to get too hard on myself, I have to remind myself that everything is relative. I have to remember not to judge myself based on the invisibility I feel next to the muscle thinks of Rich's or Mo's. Read More...

Traveling Bug

For the first time in… forever… I'm planning a trip.
Two things happened to start me on the path, I shall relate both of them here.
First, I had a GREAT time in Montreal. I loved the city, I loved the boys, and I love that in July there is a 10-day circus festival going on all over town.
Next, Pat went to Bear Week in Provincetown in July - again - and I really really really wanted to be there with him having fun.
So… I'm already planning summer 2019.
I never do this.
I'm the guy who waits too long to plan and then loses out on an opportunity or else I just find a bargain last minute and go wherever it takes me - which is how I ended up in Montreal in the first place.
So now… I'm going to Montreal in July, 2019, and then after 10 days there, I'm going to Provincetown to hang with Pat and the Bears for a week, and then coming home July 21, 2019. I've got three weeks booked, and I'm giddy about it.
And the PRICES!
My flight to Montreal is just about $104 one way. My flight home from Boston to San Diego was just $143.
It's amazing that prices are like when you get this far out ahead of it.
Now I just need a flight from Montreal to Boston, and then to solidify the plans in Ptown with Pat…. I'm just so friggin' excited!

New News for Now

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 7.33.25 AM
August 26, 2018
Now it can be told...
Three months ago, on May 24, I joined my friend Rick in a weight loss challenge. Well, not exactly. He was doing one at work and it inspired me to start my own journey. He was eating right and - more importantly - getting out of the house after work and walking in the park, or walking along the marina, or walking the trails at Morley Field. I started to join him and on May 24, I made the conscious choice to make this a thing. To seriously take control of my eating and exercise and try to lose weight. Read More...

December 1995

December 31, 1995
Shall we try again? Another year. Another chance. As I sit here now, I have many tasks facing me... some easier than others, some very challenging, but all are capable of being overcome. This is, traditionally, the time for resolutions, so let's enumerate some of mine, shall we?
Primarily, diet and exercise. Important. Must do. No more excuses. Midnight marked the beginning of Quick Trim. Chicken and veggies and exercise and supplements. 15 pounds in 15 days. Then, Nutri/System or some alternate plan. Possibly the Genesis program...must look into that.
Secondly, housing. I have surrendered my apartment, sold off my furniture and put into storage those items I could not sell. The whole New York story is undone, which may not have been the best idea.... but it is finished. So, find a roommate, stay in West Hollywood?
Third, enjoy this place. Learn to make the most of each day, use the resources of the city - the arts, entertainment, people...... make it INTO something. No more waiting. No one will come to my door and bring me excitement. No one will come to my apartment and offer me love, romance, sex, or friendship.
Fourth, a job. Work. No more unemployment. It might be waiting tables. It might be running a company. But it must be something. Something public. Somewhere where I see others. Where I have coworkers or come into the public eye. Something to make me feel alive.
So, friends will be my support, but I must make it happen. Find a job, a house, a hobby, a body, a friend, a lover, a life.
Find a life of my own.
No -
MAKE a life for myself.

Fuck Facebook

I'm venting here because… my blog.
I have been banned from Facebook for 30 days.
For posting a photo of a man not showing his genitals.